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DNODE3 Upgradation

We are going to shift all accounts of DNODE3 to DNODE6 a new server due to current overloading issues This server is higer than the current one its a Xeon Quade Core server with 4CPU , 4GB RAM and 750GBx2 HDD initially on virtual Rack att The Planet Data Center (Dallas). Transfer will be start tomorrow 1AM EST 19th Feb 2010 and will be finish in about 12-72 hours after that . During this period of time you may experience downtime or slow access to server for which apologies in advance. You are requested to not do any updates of Data during this period of time. All clients will be required to change the nameservers IP if they are using custom/private nameservers all those who are using ns5. and will not required any change. 

New nameservers IPs will be informed later....

Note: Don't make anychanges untill you recieved email from VEBNEST. Thanks

Will keep you posting please keep watching annoucement at websites time to time. Thanks




Thursday, February 18, 2010

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