We are going to shift all accounts of DNODE1 to DNODE2 a new server due to current overloading issues This server is higer than the current one its a Xeon Quade Core server with 4CPU , 4GB RAM and 1000GB HDD initially. Transfer will start at 1AM EST 16th August 2009 and will be finish in about 12-24 hours after that all clients will be required to change the nameservers IP if they are using custom/private nameservers all those who are using ns1. privatelabelns.com and ns2.privatelabelns.com will not required any change. 

New nameservers IPs will be

Server Main IP:

Nameserver 1 IP:

Nameserver 2 IP:

Note: Don't make anychanges untill you recieved email from VEBNEST. Thanks


Will keep you posting please keep watching annoucement at websites time to time. Thanks




Friday, August 14, 2009

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