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Error Message: mailbox is full: retry timeout exceeded

Your e-mail accounts are not receiving e-mail, senders receive an error messge stating "mailbox is full: retry timeout exceeded"

You view your mailboxes via the CPanel interface, and none of them are full.

Another method of viewing the disk space usage value is from the Client Portal, select "My Products and Services" on the main menu of the left of page. When you see your list of hosting packages appear, view the detail of a hosting packge by clicking the green arrow on the right of the hosting package row. In the Product Details block you will find the disk usage details.

Your hosting package has a limit on the amount of disk space you may utilise. This limit and the actual usage may be seen on the CPanel interface, on the left column of the interface. Look for the section titled "Disk Space Usage". If this figure is above 95%, the error under discussion may already be presently affecting your e-mail accounts.

It must be remebered that when setting up an e-mail account, the default mailbox size is 250Mb. However, when setting up multiple accounts, the total possible disk space usage on all mail boxes may exceed the package disk space limit. This is especially so on the Platinum package.

On the left column of the main CPanel page, find the number of e-mail accounts under the Stats section on the left column. Make a note of this number. Now open the E-Mail interface in the CPanel and below the list of current e-mail addresses, select a number to view that will show all the e-mail accounts on one page. If in doubt, 250 will be a good starting point.

Once the entire list of e-mail accounts has loaded, click on the column header labelled "Usage" to sort the accounts by size, rather than the default alphabetical sort. Now you will see where the problem lies. Any e-mail account with a usage of greater than 5Mb is excessive. This occurs when client set their e-mail program to leave a copy of the mesage on the server, normally so they can download it later on another machine, the home-office scenario. Unfortunately, they do not set the "delete after 5 days" flag, so all the e-mail they ever receive accumuates on the server, never being deleted.

Method 1: (Use only if you know the account password)
1. Make a note of the e-mail accounts with usage levels of over 5Mb.
2. Delete the mailbox if it's usage is above 5Mb. You can lift this limit as you desire, but it is generally accepted that a 5Mb mailbox is more than adequate, even for high volume accounts.
3. Recreate the e-mail account with the same address, SETTING THE MAILBOX LIMIT TO 5 MB.

4. The account holder will contact you shortly for the new password, which they can change through their webmail interface if the so desire.
5. Check the Disk Usage under Stats on the main CPanel page

Method 2: (Use if you do not know the password, or want to clear large numbers of accounts at once)
Make a note of the e-mail accounts with usage levels of over 5Mb.
2. From the Cpanel, select the "Webmail" icon under the Mail section. On the next page that opens, select "Go To Webmail Login"
3. When presented with the three mail reader options, select Horde.
4. You will now be logged in as the Mail Administrator
5. Click the "Mail" icon on the top menu bar
6. Click the "Folders" icon on the top menu bar
7. Tick the boxes to the left of all the accounts which you wish to clear.
8. Just below the top menu bar you see the words "Choose Action:" in a menu drop down box.
9. Carefully select the option listed as "Empty Folders". THIS IS NOT REVERSABLE AND CLEARS ALL MAIL FROM THE ACCOUNT.
10. Confirm your action when asked to
11. All the e-mail accounts you selected are now empty.
12. Check the Disk Usage under Stats on the main CPanel page

Please note the server disk space usage figure is recalculated every 4 hours, so any changes made may not be immediately visible, but will have remedied the situation immediately.

When setting up e-mail accounts through CPanel, set the mail box size limit to 5Mb.
You may also advise all cureent users to ensure that the "Delete after x days" flag, is set in their e-mail programs.
Montior the status of the e-mail accounts on a bi-weekly basis, and advise any user whose mail box is becoming too large that they must set the delete flag in their e-mail program.

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