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Article 500 Error (Internal Server Error)
As VEBNEST uses suphp instead of running php as apache module, thats why 500 error occurs a lot...
Views: 1537
Article Big File uploading problem!
We have received some complaints in these days from our customers about FTP timing out while...
Views: 1096
Article Can I speak to your administrator, admin?
The administrators are only available through the ticket system. You cannot speak to that person...
Views: 945
Article Can I use my account and my site even though my domain name hasn't propagated yet?
Yes, you can use your website without a domain name. We provide you a temporary URL in your...
Views: 1610
Article Error Message: mailbox is full: retry timeout exceeded
Symptoms: Your e-mail accounts are not receiving e-mail, senders receive an error messge stating...
Views: 17402
Article How do I change my DNS or name servers?
If you purchased your domain from vexxhost, then you can manage it online.   If you did...
Views: 1148
Article How do I get and use SSH access?
  Shared Web Hosting We not SSH for shared hosting. Reseller We not SSH for reseller or...
Views: 1065
Article How do I update my name server IPs?
If you bought your domain name from vexxhost, then you may email to request...
Views: 1004
Article How to change a php.ini value?
We use suPHP in all of our servers. This is the common reason why php_flag or php_value doesn't...
Views: 1219
Article How to Create Master Reseller in Zamfoo
To Create Master Reseller or WHM Accounts you need to do following steps. 1. Login to your WHM...
Views: 2300
Article How to Register my private nameservers?
In last few days we have received numerous tickets saying, "private nameservers you have...
Views: 4355
Article How to Transfer from old server using FULL Backup?
Here is the FULL backup method to transfer your accounts from old host to our server but make...
Views: 1046
Article I forgot my password and need a reset.
CPANEL/WHM Check your welcome email for the correct user name and password. If that password is...
Views: 981
Article Ticket wait times
Normally tickets are answered the same day, usually within a few hours. Tickets are addressed...
Views: 902
Article What are my name servers?
Not sure what the names servers are for your website's domain name? It's simple, all of our...
Views: 1004
Article What name servers or DNS is my site currently using?
If would like to check what name servers (DNS) your site's domain name is currently using, simply...
Views: 1027
Article When will my domain start working? Propagation
If you have a new domain name, you must change the name servers so they point to vexxhost....
Views: 931
Article Where can I view if my name servers were setup correctly and what IPs they currently use?
You can check by going to You will see several different types of DNS...
Views: 1833
Article Why do i receive timeout while pinging the server?
VEBNEST always tries to ensure the best security hardened server. One of the common attack...
Views: 1397
Article Why is my server down?
We apologize for the inconvenience. If your server is down for more than a temporary issue, we...
Views: 1221

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