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Article Do I have to change my domain if I get a new host?
Answer:No. Provided that the domain is registered in your name (as it should be), you can simply...
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Article How can I pay for web hosting?
Answer:This depends on which host you decide to go with. Most web hosts will accept credit cards,...
Views: 1056
Article How Do I Register a Domain Name?
Answer:Registering a domain name is very easy.First you will have to make sure that the domain...
Views: 1095
Article How do I track how many hits my website gets?
Answer:There are a few things that need to be cleared in terms of terminology:Hits - this simply...
Views: 1092
Article How do I upload my site online?
Answer:Uploading your site can be done in many ways, but the most popular is FTP.When your...
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Article I am using too much bandwidth! Is there anyway for me to make it less?
Answer:In most cases, yes. You should first try to optimize the graphics on your website. Many...
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Article I have a fast internet connection (DSL/cable) - can I just host my own site?
Answer:You could, but that's definitely not recommended.First of all, most ISPs have clauses that...
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Article Some what about Web Hosting
Want to know more about how web hosting works? Have an idea for a web-based business but don't...
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Article What are PHP, ASP, perl, etc?
Answer:These are all programming languages which are referred to by their acronyms.PHP - PHP:...
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Article What are subdomains?

Views: 1051
Article What are subdomains?
Answer:Consider subdomains as an extension of your domain. For example, your site is...
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Article What do I need to do to put Flash on my website?
Answer:Flash is a client side feature - it runs on the user's computer, not on your web host. As...
Views: 1003
Article What is a Domain Name?
Answer:A domain name is a word along with a TLD that uniquely identifies your website.Please...
Views: 1019
Article What is Domain Parking?
Answer:Domain parking lets you buy a domain and then have a 'coming soon' page on it. This is not...
Views: 1062
Article What is MySQL, MS SQL, etc?
Answer:MySQL and MS SQL are database systems. Depending on what your host provides, you can use a...
Views: 1102
Article What is PayPal?
Answer:Simply put, PayPal lets anyone with an email address send money to anyone else with an...
Views: 1068
Article What is the difference between UNIX hosting and Windows hosting?
Answer:Depending on which operating system to go with depends on your needs.If you need to...
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Article What is uptime?
Answer:Uptime is literally what it means - it is the amount of time your site is online...
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Article What is Virtual Hosting?
Answer:Also known as shared hosting, this form of web hosting should suffice for most...
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Article Why don't I just go with the cheapest hosting?
Answer:A host has to make a profit to continue operating. Some hosts do not properly understand...
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Article Why would I need a dedicated IP?
Answer:For most people, a dedicated IP is not required. But for people that want to provide...
Views: 1133
Article Will there be forced advertising on my site - things like banner ads or popup ads?
Answer:Not at all. You are paying for webspace that is only yours - no one may put ads on your...
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