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Article Free Domain Name Transfer
We will transfer 1 domain name for free per newly purchased account. The 1 free domain transfer...
Views: 1111
Article How can I check the status of my domain name purchase or transfer?
New domain registrations will only be processed after you pay for them. The new domain should...
Views: 1065
Article How can I transfer my domain to you?
1. Go to this page 2. Inside the new box, under Transfer A Domain Name, enter the domain you...
Views: 1377
Article How do I make my private name servers the default for all accounts I create in WHM?
So, you want your private name servers to be used for all future accounts you create. Note:...
Views: 1254
Article How do I manage the domain I bought from vebnest?
All of the domain related tasks can be done by logging into your customer center and going to "My...
Views: 1063
Article How long will it take for my private name servers to work after I register them?
Please allow 24-48 hours for them to start working. It is basically the same as changing a site's...
Views: 1037
Article I bought my domain from vexxhost, how do I make DNS changes?
If you bought your domain from us at the time of sign up, we will automatically make the name...
Views: 1434
Article ICANN
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers To reach another person on the Internet...
Views: 1052
Article My private name servers are registered. Now what?
After your name servers have been created, you will be able to use them for all the domains you...
Views: 1172
Article Private Registration, ID protect
We offer to protect your personal domain registration information from whois searches. You can...
Views: 1187
Article Reverse DNS record, PTR, pointer record.
The reverse DNS record is also known as the PTR record, pointer record, or IP resolvers. A PTR...
Views: 1170
Article What are private name servers?
If you use our generic name servers it would look something like and...
Views: 1154
Article What happens if my domain name expires?
If your domain name expired, then your site will show a advertisement page from the registrar....
Views: 1041
Article What is my EPP code? or Authorization Key?
This is a code provided by your old registrar, and required by your new registrar to complete a...
Views: 1189
Article Which domain names can be hosted by vebnest?
We can host any domain name, as long as you can point the DNS to us.
Views: 1062

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